3x3_poster-1The 3×3 project was an ambitions undertaking that occupied Spiza throughout 2009, culminating in a sell-out concert in October of that year. It involved composers and performers from both Greece and the USA, who worked closely together towards the creation and performance of new musical works.

The three composers from Greece (Tim Ward, Theodora Panagopoulou and Sofia Kamayianni) and the three composers from the USA (Linda Dusman, William Kleinsasser and Matthew Burtner) all discussed their musical aims and goals, and decided to write new pieces for the same instrumental forces: flute, clarinet, percussion and live electronics.

After extensive rehearsals of the demanding final scores, the premiere of the works took place in Athens on 3 October 2009, in the newly opened gallery of The Art Foundation. The performers were some of the most talented figures in contemporary music performance in Greece: Katrin Zenz (flute), Yiannis Sabrovalakis (clarinet) and Theodor Milkov (percussion). The American composers travelled to Greece in order to coach the performers in the preparation of their works and attend the concert (before which they gave informal seminars about their creative practices and the works in question).

The project then relocated to the USA, now employing leading performers from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Contemporary Music Ensemble. This time it was the turn of the Greek composers to travel and work with the local musicians, preparing for a series of concerts in both Baltimore and Charlottesville (under the asupices of UMBC in Baltimore and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville). The Greek composers led workshops in each location, discussing issues connected with contemporary music from a Greek perspective.