Spiza have a new CD release.

Following on from a successful run of concerts of the Lovely Echoes project, Spiza spent the winter making a studio recording of the project.

Lovely Echoes features an innovative and engaging mixture of medieval and 21st century music. It features the voices of mezzo soprano Efi Minakouli and bass Tobias Schlierf, with new original music composed by Spiza members Sofia Kamayianni and Dora Panagopoulou.

The music is performed on original instruments (rebec, portative organ, organistrum, lute and various wind instruments), which in selected pieces are enveloped in new computer generated sounds created by Sofia and Dora, who also join in and perform in the ensemble on various additional instruments.

Further Information

  1. -   Program notes

  2. -   Lyrics

  3. -   CD artwork

  4. -   Photographs (Instruments)

  5. -   Photographs (Concerts)

  6. -   Audio excerpts

  7. -   Reviews

  8. -   Biographies

To order a copy of the CD, contact Spiza directly here.

Τzaz&τζαζ (Απρίλιος 2013)

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