Small Christmas Suite 2020 – in one way or another

A discussion between friends about Christmas – that hasn’t yet taken place.

The Suite is a remote musical relay that happened between the 1st and 19th of December 2020. The goal was to create a modular piece in which each of the six composers involved was free to rest or touch their section upon the one before them. This was in some way similar to modular text games such as “consequences” or the “cadavres exquis” of the Surrealists. The trigger for this particular musical game was the unprecedented pandemic conditions we all find ourselves in, the continuous hubbub about ‘the cancelled Christmas of 2020” and, above all else, our desire to meet through music.

Yorgos Adamis – The Three Wise Men
Orestis Hatzinakis – The Star
Dora Panagopoulou – Hymns
Tim Ward – Stolen Bells
Sofia Kamayianni – Call of Escape (trombone: Yiannis Kalianiotis)
Panos Kanellopoulos – Breathing…